About Us

A working model of a stationary mill engine

Our mission is to foster an appreciation of and continue to grow our knowledge of machinery, transport, and equipment, from the industrial revolution to the present day. This is typically achieved by recreating, in miniature, working or non-working models of any kind of machinery or transport item, powered by steam, internal combustion, electricity, or other means.

A model of a steam engine or internal combustion engine will actually operate just as the original full sized prototype operated. Most models produced by model engineers are based on real life engines and machinery. A tremendous amount of planning and work goes into getting these models to look and operate just as the real ones do.

Model engineering appeals to all age groups of those who are fascinated by things mechanical. Being a member of a model engineering society gives you the opportunity to participate in a close fraternity that is keen to assist everyone as needed to achieve their modeling goals.

Monthly Meetings are normally held at 7:30 pm on the first Tuesday of every month.  There are no meetings in January, February, July, or August.  Everyone interested is welcome.

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